The Daniels Boyle

This is going to get a bit convoluted, so bear with me.

Last night, I was watching Keeping Up Appearances, the Patricia Routledge sitcom from the 90s. As is my wont, I sometimes look at Wikipedia whilst watching 90s sitcoms (I mean, it’s a 90s sitcom but it has a whole episode about a vicar coming to tea, which never even happened in the 70s).

Whatever, Wikipedia reminded me of Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, the cosy crime drama Routledge wanted to focus on instead of more buckets of Hyacinth.

Now, for some reason, this put me in mind of Hamish Macbeth. I have no idea why … maybe because it was on around the same time, or because Hamish Macbeth felt like a cosy police drama, I just don’t know. So I wandered on over to the page about that.

And saw that it was written by Danny Boyle.


Danny Boyle?

I don’t remember any scenes of Hamish lobbing a pint over his shoulder, or an expletive laden speech about bringing cards on a coach journey.

My brain was playing tricks on me. It had seen Robert Carlyle, and immediately linked him indelibly to Danny Boyle.

Because Hamish Macbeth was actually written by Daniel Boyle.

I don’t feel too bad, because even IMDB gets confused, and lists Daniel Boyle as the director of the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.

But the confusion is ripe.

I remembered then that I was once watching Inspector Morse, and saw that it had been written by Daniel Boyle, and had to look it up, wondering if Daniel was Danny using a more formal moniker in his earlier days.

It doesn’t help that Danny Boyle actually directed two episodes of Inspector Morse, though not two that Danny wrote.

So, one of the Daniels Boyle writes but doesn’t direct, and one of the Daniels Boyle directs but doesn’t write, though Danny Boyle did direct the show that Daniel Boyle wrote, even though Danny Boyle didn’t direct the particular shows that Daniel Boyle wrote.



Argh, I’ve just realised Shirley Henderson was in Trainspotting too.

My brain hurts.

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