Katy Brand Welcomes Careful Drivers

I recently completed my long overdue re-watch of the BBC era Red Dwarf, and it made me want to pick up the books again. I had read the smeg out of Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Better Than Life, and I didn’t quite appreciate how much they had informed my love of the show as a youngling.

And on re-reading them in the past few weeks, I didn’t appreciate how much they had informed me as a writer either (in the same way that coming back to Tom Sharpe had made me realise his influence).

So, it was lovely to find this Rule Of Three podcast with Katy Brand, which is really worth listening to, not only as a celebration of the great first book, but as a brilliant insight into storytelling.

I am currently on Last Human, which I was convinced I had read before, but I seem to be mistaken. Then it will be Backwards.

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