The Telekinesis Revelation

Kelly sat in her room, on the foot of the bed, her legs dangling over the edge but not nearly reaching the soft carpet below. She had a graze on her knee, which was turning all sorts of fascinating colours now. Mum said it should have a plaster on it, but Kelly wanted to watch it heal.

It stung a bit.

Mum had left some cream on the dresser in the corner in case that happened.

Kelly really couldn’t be bothered to go over and get it though. She flailed her arms in the air, let out a grunt of annoyance, and flopped back onto the duvet. The mattress made her bounce a bit. And that made her knee twinge.

So she sat up, and stared at the cream.

And still couldn’t be bothered to go and get it.

Instead, she screwed up her eyes, and growled with an intense concentration that made her whole head vibrate, screaming in her mind at the top of her inner voice, commanding the cream come to her.

It disobeyed.

And stayed firmly put on the dresser.


Kelly sighed.

Gathered herself.

Lifted her hand into the air, and focused.

Focused on the cream.

Focused on her hand.

Focused on the gap in between.

And willed that gap to shrink.

The jar of cream lifted from the dressed, floated through the air, and dropped neatly onto the bed beside her.

She screamed with delight, kicking her feet in the air. Until her knee hurt again, and she stopped to put the cream on.

It didn’t really help.

But she was pleased as punch about her new found telekinetic abilities, and used it all afternoon. Summoning things to her. Making things hover. Making her toys perform duels in the air.

She enjoyed freaking her Mum out at tea too, when she made the sauce bottle squeeze itself all over her fish fingers.

What Kelly didn’t know was that it was me making it all happen.

I’d had an accident the day before, involving a particle accelerator, which had knocked me out of phase with the universe.

I could probably do something more noble with my new found invisibility, but there’s something about making my niece giggle that keeps me from moving on.

She might get bored of it in a few years.

Or she might go on to be some kind of superhero.

In the meantime, I am juggling peas.

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