Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Sixteen

Pardon The Expression, but what’s behind door 16 today? Well, it’s the sitcom with Arthur Lowe that was a spin-off from Coronation Street (of all places). Made by Granada for ITV, it ran for two series and 36 episodes.

Another Lowe vehicle, this time for the BBC at the end of the seventies, Potter was written by Roy Clarke.

You’re in for a rare treat at the very start of that video.

At the start of this one too, with that lovely 90s BBC globe.

Pilgrims Rest was created by Bernard McKenna, and starred Gwen Taylor and Gary Olsen. It aired in the late summer of 1997.

After Dream On, and before Friends, Marta Kaufman and David Crane created The Powers That Be.

Yes, that’s David Hyde Pierce pre Niles.

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