Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Fourteen

Opening doors on this calendar has a habit of reminding me of sitcoms I had forgotten, not because they were no good, and not because I didn’t watch them (the opposite actually), but because my brain is small and full of Seinfeld quotes.

So it is with The Naked Truth, which I saw on The Paramount Comedy Channel. It starred Tea Leoni, and was created by Chris Thompson. It started on ABC, but moved to NBC, to sit alongside these other sitcoms.

I wish there was a clip of Nathaniel Titlark to unwrap, but alas not.

Nelson’s Column was a follow up to An Actor’s Life For Me, and saw John Gordon-Sinclair reunite with writer Paul Mayhew-Archer.

The New Statesman (not that one), aired on BBC2 in 1985, after a pilot the year before. Colin Blakely played George Vance, but was recast with Windsor Davies for the full series.

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