Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Thirteen

Is it possible for a sitcom to exist for two long season in the US, and never be heard of ever again? It is possible for a sitcom that ran for two years on NBC as a lead in to The Golden Girls to have virtually nothing written about it anywhere?

Why yes.

Welcome to 13 East.

It doesn’t even have a Wikipedia listing.

Another weird phenomenon is a sitcom that was on all the time for a while, and then just drops out of your mind completely. So is the case with Major Dad.

Dan Quayle pops up in an episode of this, and it was shown daily on BBC1 at half eleven in the morning (those must have been school holidays or when I was off sick).

Regular visitors to this blog will know I have a soft spot for the oft-overlooked Hale & Pace, and here’s another thing that seems to have been forgotten … their Channel 4 sitcom The Management.

Watch an episode here.

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