Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Three

Behind the little door marked 3 today, we find a sitcom I watched a lot when it was on, but have never seen since.

Three Up, Two Down was a BBC sitcom, starring Angela Thorne, Michael Elphick, and Lysette Anthony. It was written by Richard Ommanney, and ran for four series in the mid 1980s. A US pilot was made, called 5 Up, 2 Down, but it never went to series, proving that less is sometimes more.

Talking of US remakes, Three’s A Crowd was an adaptation of Robin’s Nest.

And is not to be confused with Three’s Company, which was the US version of Man About The House.

Like Man About The House spawned Robins’s Nest and George & Mildred, Three’s Company led to Three’s A Crowd and The Ropers. Talk about extended sitcom universes.

A show that had no such luck was Three In A Bed, a Thames vehicle for Little & Large. It was a pilot that aired on ITV in 1972. It was their first solo show, after appearances on Opportunity Knocks, and was about a darts match.

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