Sitcom Advent Calendar Door Two

Pull open the little door emblazoned with a 2, and gorge on the chocolatey morsel that is …

What a cast.

This is Second Thoughts, which was written by Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie, and ran for 49 episodes on ITV in the first half of the 1990s.

Glinting in the reflection of the discarded foil wrapper, we catch a glimpse of this.

Six years before The Good Life, Two In Clover saw two men fed up with their existence getting back to nature. Written by Vince Powell and Harry Driver, the two series saw in the 1970s on ITV (Thames).

It would be a bit obvious to have 2 Point 4 Children or the two lots of The Two Of Us, or even Two’s Company here perhaps, but just there, at the back in the now empty slot on the calendar, what’s that?

That’s the theme tune for the Paul Nicholas and Su Pollard vehicle Two Up, Two Down. Written by Janey Preger, it aired for six episodes in 1979 on the BBC. It’s about a couple who move into their newly built house, only to find a pair of squatters already living there. For some reason, they can’t evict them, and so they all have to live together.

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