e.phemera: Maxwell Board Game

Sometimes a bored-induced web trawl up chucks something amazing. This is brilliant. It’s Robert Maxwell, the board game.

Board games as satire
Board games as satire

But it’s not an ego thing that was released by MGN to further propagate the myth of their chairman, it’s set AFTER he died. The description on the box reads:

Much has been written about Maxwell. Some say he was a genius, some would say he was a crook. But, none would dispute the missing millions from the pension fund. You can help unravel the mystery in this great fun game. All you have to do is become a Tycoon and then become the Administrator for the pension fund. You can then win the fund itself.

Weirdly, the discovery came whilst hunting for the board game Go For Broke, the object of which is to lose a million pounds. I used to love that game, and as I was discussing it this morning, someone suggested I make my own updated version in which you play a banker who must lose a billion from a pension fund.

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