I Got Wood

It’s been a while since I showed off some of the things I’ve been making between writing and podcasting, so here’s a few of them to enjoy.

First off, this is an Ash bowl, which is one of the nicest things I think I’ve made.

It was a delight to turn, and the grain and figure pop. I liked the chunky feel of the wood, so I kept it rustic, and it’s really weighty to hold.

Top tip: if you haven’t got a white box for photos, use the bath. That’s what I do.

Here’s a bowl made from a large piece of Tulip.

Unlike the Ash, this bit of wood wanted to be elegant, and delicate. It’s so light, and there are streaks of green and cream running through the figure. Tulip is a strange wood, it looks horrible until you start sanding it, then it just comes to life, and gets really smooth, so it demands a glossy finish.

And here’s one from Spalted Sycamore.

This looks amazing, but was a pig to turn, always wanting to kill me. The spalting meant the wood was never in balance, but it was worth the effort, because it’s just gorgeous. This one, and the Ash one, are 300mm in diameter, and 80mm tall. The Tulip one is the same diameter, but an inch shorter.

Last summer, I cut down some trees in my garden, and this is a bowl I made from a bit of the Hornbeam one.

It’s got a natural edge, which was something different to do. You basically keep the bark on, and cut into the curve of the outside of the tree, which gives it this amazing shape. I kept it blond, no finishing oils or anything, because it demanded a natural look. This will change shape and colour over time. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in a few years.

And finally, some treen.

Both the cup and plate (or shallow dish), are made from Tulip.

There’s more photos to see here.

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