Bashing Keys: With Gareth Gwynn

It’s the next installment of my occasional podcast in which I talk writing with other writers.

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This one is a kind of prequel to the first, because I’m chatting to the current incumbent writer at BBC Radio Comedy. As part of the writers’ bursary scheme, Gareth writes for a large number of shows including The News Quiz, The Now Show, I Guess That’s Why They Call It The News, Newsjack and Recorded For Training Purposes.

It's Gareth Gwynn
It's Gareth Gwynn

He’s also a producer, radio presenter and co-host of  Boo Hoo It’s The News.

During our chat we kept returning to the theme of looking at scripts with a fresh pair of eyes. Also, just after we recorded this, Gareth was seconded on a sitcom writing course at the BBC, so I might get him back to tell us all about it.

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