Did Tracey Ullman Date Vyvyan Basterd?

Although I don’t like these shared universe theories, I do keep stumbling across them. A tweet on that there Twitter made me seek out the Tracey Ullman cover of the Madness song, My Girl called My Guy.

First of all, I don’t really understand why Neil Kinnock is in this video, nor why he seems to be trying to get off with Tracey Ullman’s mum.

Anyway, what caught my attention (other than this being a really good cover version), is that yellow Ford Anglia with red flame decals at the start. It doesn’t just bear a striking resemblance to Vyvyan’s car from The Young Ones

… is IS Vyvyan’s car from The Young Ones.

Check out the number plate.

Assuming the release date of the single is around the time Tracey was dropped at the bus stop, it’s March 1984. Vyvyan still owns that car until his death on June 19th 1984.

But that’s clearly not Vyvyan driving it.

It could be Mike I suppose, at a push.

So, has Vyv loaned his car to a friend (unlikely)? …

… though he does like Mike more than Neil.

I’ll tell you who it most looks like.

This guy. From their party. Sat on the arm of the sofa.

But that’s Rik’s ‘friend’, and Vyv is even less likely to loan his car to someone Rik knows than he is to Neil.

It’s a mystery.


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