In Bed With Medinner

Time was, you could turn on the telly, late at night, riddled with the flush of insomnia, and find some great TV to watch. Occasionally, this was watching the QVC presenters at 2am struggle to make an Akai Tape Player work, and resorting to raving about how it had a rewind button (and no fast forward one). And then, sometimes, you’d stumble across an episode of In Bed With Medinner.

With its opening titles a parody of The Prisoner, this show featured the wonderful Bob Mills, and aired on ITV from 1992 to 1997, though I suspect I found it mostly on The Paramount Comedy Channel.

Around about the same time, you could find Bob on daytime TV, hosting Win, Lose Or Draw.

And he also featured on the late night soccer archive show There’s Only One Brian Moore.

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