The Nocrastinator

I finally did it. I invented a machine that stops you procrastinating.

I didn’t invent it straight away, of course. I had a few other things to do first, not least the washing up and getting the dirt out of my keyboard. Then I had tweets to compose and delete before sending them, and a few videos to watch. But I got round to it, and now it’s done.


It needs a name before I release it to the public, and I can’t decide on the right one.

Something like The Uncrastinator, but not that. The Do-It-All maybe. But no. How about The Nocrastinator?

Yeah, that’s not bad.

The Nocrastinator it is.

So, obviously that needs a logo. What colour really sums up the state of not procrastinating? Blue eggshell? Windy White? Hemp?

I’ll come back to that.

Then there’s packaging to be done, and the marketing to think about, not least who am I gonna get to distribute the damn thing? Is it worth it? Is curing the world of its procrastination really such a worthwhile thing to do? I dunno.

Anyway, The Nocrastinator.

It’ll be in the shops.


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