Thought Vomit #113: ft. Road Rage

There are only two things that make me angry. Being in my car and Colin Fry. While I’ve not learned how to deal with that rat faced piss prick just yet, I did get a lovely tip on how to deal with annoyances on the road.

Face. Slap.
Face. Slap.

My friend Sam told me a story about the most withering gesture he ever received whilst driving. It wasn’t the Wanker sign, or the Vs, but something even more spectacular.

He told a tale of how he pulled out around a slow moving elderly couple taking a Sunday drive, at the same time as eating a picnic. As he sped by and looked back in his mirror, he saw the two of them giving him a sarcastically slow hand clap.

“It made me sink down into my seat with shame,” he admitted.

I had the chance to try out this new gesture this afternoon, and annoyingly failed to do so. What a twunt.

You may now all give me the clap. But slowly.

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