Splitting Images

The curious case of Norris McWhirter and the explicit flash frames.

On the 24th February 1985, viewers tuning in to Spitting Image on ITV were treated to a comedy song. Norris McWhirter didn’t see this song, but his nephew did, in excruciating detail, and three frames of the video would end up being argued over in the highest courts of the land.

EDIT TO ADD: Since making this, frankly daft excuse for a wank-gag, lots more information has come to light about the whole affair, correcting some myths and misremembers, and has been excellently documented in this blog on Dirty Feed.

Paul Jackson excerpts from The Making Of The Young Ones
Norris McWhirter excerpts from Friday Night … Saturday Morning
Court Transcripts from  The Law’s Strangest Cases by Peter Seddon
Big Busters from Spitting Image (Series 2 Episode 7)
Thanks to Jonathan Sloman

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