Army Ants – Nothing To Report

Sometimes it’s hard to think of something to write about. The trouble with trying to write a daily blog, aside from resorting to posting YouTube videos and pretending that counts, is coming up with something every day, no matter what.

It got to the point this morning that I very nearly posted this.

Indeed, it has passed that point now, and I’ve just posted it.

Army Ants claims to have been a line of toys from the 1980s, but I think it’s an elaborate hoax for all those nostalgia loving people like me to fall for. There was no such thing as Army Ants, and I know this because ALL TOYS IN THE 80S HAD A CARTOON. Even Robocop and Rambo had their own animated adventures.

Hey, do you remember Snot-O-Blox?

They were sort of like Lego, except made of snot. Block of snot. Hence, Snot-O-Blox. This was back when we all trusted vaccinations, so it was okay. You couldn’t have Snot-O-Bloxes now, because constables have been diagnosed with mental disorders.

Or what about that one where you had a multi-coloured cube tethered to a pole, and you had to smack it with a space hopper until it bucked and threw everything away?

I used to love my Bucka-Rubix.

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