A Free And Easy Way To Improve Your Social Media Live Videos

I’m trying to do more on my social media feeds. Not to promote my books or anything, but just to try and have some fun with my audience. If you’re doing the same, and you makes Live videos, maybe you should have a look at Open Broadcast Software. It will add some extra layers to your videos, and open up some possibilities.

I downloaded it yesterday – it’s free – and played around a bit. It’s a bit fiddly to start, but quickly becomes intuitive, and there are plenty of guides and video tutorials to help you out.

So, this morning, I spent less than ten minutes on my setup, using two really old webcams, and the microphone I use for podcasting, and managed a quick live feed.

That was a quick and dirty thing, so imagine what can be achieved with some pre-made graphics for lower thirds, or piping in pre-recorded videos, or showing a live chat feed as you go.


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