Matt. Damon.

I like learning how to do new things. That’s how I taught myself web building, which lead to learning Flash, and then PHP. It’s also why I bought a lathe and learned how to make wooden bowls, which in turn lead me into box making.

This week, I am going to try to build a little brick wall. Nothing fancy. Nothing big. Just shin-height, and five bricks wide.

Like I do every time I want to learn something new, I head to YouTube, and watch lots of videos. That’s how I found out where Jason Bourne is currently hiding out.

As you can see, he’s got that accent down to a tee, and he almost doesn’t quite look like himself. It would have been the perfect secret identity, except that video has now been watched 1.3 million times. I reckon the CIA will know where he is by now.


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