Chocolate. We all love chocolate. We love eating chocolate. We love arguing about the best chocolate. We even love songs about chocolate. We love chocolate so much that chocolate companies have been trying out new chocolate products on us for years, and then withdrawing said chocolate products when our chocolate tastes have changed, or moved onto the next big thing in chocolate, or back to the favoured classic chocolate.

They have recently bought it back, but the Cadbury’s Fuse was first launched in the 90s, and I ate my fair share of them.

I never got my teeth around the Milk Tray Bar though. Not to be confused with the box of chocolates, this was a bar featuring all of the boxed chocolates in one handy slab.

Not entirely sure how that worked, but it looked like this.

We’ll skip over the Kit-Kat Caramac (give a dog a bone), and move on to the Cadbury’s alternative to the Mars Bar in the 70s. It was called the Aztec.

Never had one of those.

I must have had a few of these though.

The Wispa Mint sounds delicious to me, but I can’t really remember it to be honest. I was obviously more enamoured by the Gold. Likewise, I must have tried these, but not that I now recall.

These on the other hand, were disgusting.

I remember Anthea Turner using her wedding photos to promote the Snowflake bar. Hmm.

What discontinued chocolate bar would you like to bring back?

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