Does George Costanza Own A Hamster?

It’s fun, and educational, to re-watch a show you’ve already watched a few times before. The good ones all reward multiple viewings, because you find something new each time (and not just a whole damn episode you’ve never seen before).

So it was, that while watching the Seinfeld season eight opener The Foundation, my eye was drawn to the back of this shot.

Understandably, one’s attention is usually elsewhere in this scene *cough* nipples *cough*. But look at the background.

Does George own a hamster?

Here’s another angle.

And seeing this actually made this odd moment from the second episode of season seven (The Postponement) make more sense.

He’s feeding his hamster.

George has an unseen hamster.

This is as big a bombshell as remembering he has a brother we never see, and who may have committed suicide.

Wait. What?

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