Monster Munch Ad From The 1980s

I wonder who was inside these Monster costumes.

Let’s not argue about whether the shapes in the packets are actually monsters, or monsters’ feet, because that’s been settled by Walkers anyway. They’re feet.

It’s probably not even worth wondering why these monsters are eating the feet of other monsters, and pondering on the ethics of cannibalism. After all, they’re monsters, and they do monstrous things. Plus, the feet in the packets are just corn shapes.

Maybe there’s some discussion to be had about why corn snacks grow on trees, but that’s for another time.

I am however, intrigued about the three flavours mentioned in the above advert. I knew Flamin’ Hot came later (when Walkers took over Smith’s and made the snacks smaller), but I had totally forgotten about the old Saucy flavour.

Apparently in the 80s, there was also a Salt & Vinegar flavour, and a Giant Prawn one too.

I don’t remember those, but I do remember loving Prawn Cocktail flavoured Quavers. No one else seems to believe those existed though.

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