A Hot Take On *Insert Current Topic*

There’s a thing these days, that all the cool kids are doing, and it’s called a Hot Take. These can be quickly written pieces about anything from the latest episode of Line Of Thrones, to political developments, like the firing of CIA Director Mel Tormé.

I guess the trouble with a hot take is that one runs the risk of getting your fingers burnt.

That was a joke.

I sometimes write them in the heat of the moment and immediately regret them. The amount of tweets that I compose and never actually send would make your Granny blush.

The trick with a hot take is to be quick with it. Which suggests to me at least, that hot is probably the wrong descriptor of the take. A Fast Take might be better.

And it’s not quite a take really is it?

It’s more like putting something down for everyone to see, the way a cat will bring you a dead bird, or a douchebag will send you a photo of his junk. Less of a take, more of a show really.

So, here’s my Fast Show on the current topic that’s gripping the world.


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