Persistent Ear Worms

Do you have a persistent ear worm? A snippet of a tune that gets stuck in your brain for weeks on end? One which you find yourself humming at the most inopportune of moments, or whistling in the shower?

I do.

It’s been stuck in my head for three years now.

And for two of those years, I couldn’t even figure out what the bloody tune was. I knew it was a theme tune. I knew it was from a sitcom. And I knew it was from the 1990s. But hard as I tried to place it, it never came. It just sat in the echoes of my skull, taunting me with its elusiveness.

Then, one day last year, I finally figure it out.

It’s this:

For the most part, that made it stop, but every now and then, it still sneaks its way back into the old noggin, and starts to burrow away again for a few more days.

The only thing that seems to stop it is watching clips from the actual show.

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