That Time Alan Partridge Got A Stiffy Live On Air

It’s always worth re-watching anything produced by Armando Iannucci dozens of times, because you will always notice some hidden joke, or brilliant background detail. I watched the tracking off my VHS copies of The Day Today before I noticed that The Bureau truck drives through other news reports, or the man in the background on Parliament Square getting lamped.

Which is why I was re-visiting Knowing Me, Knowing You the other evening. I love the way the stairs have been designed, so that they’re too wide for a single step, and too narrow to do two comfy steps. It makes everyone’s entrance that little bit more awkward, especially as the flight is just a bit too long as well.

Then there’s this …

I never really understood why he was getting undressed inside his big pocket, but went along with it because it has some funny moments.

Then, for the first time, I realised that Alan is tumescent.

Obviously so.

Other shows would have made that the central point of the sequence, but here it’s a little throwaway blink and you miss it moment.

But once you see it … you can’t unsee it.

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