Searching For Spock

Rather predictably, I watched Star Trek III: The Search For Spock last night. There’s a cheeky line in this trailer …

Did you spot it?

Technically, it IS the final voyage of the Starship Enterprise … but the idea suggests this might be the final film too. Clever.

Less clever is the title.

They know where Spock is the whole time.

Where they left him.

In a giant sunglasses case.

In fact, he’s right behind that title card look. There.

Star Trek III: Going Back For Spock

Star Trek III: Well, Can You Remember The Last Time You Saw Spock

Star Trek III: I’m Sure We’ve Forgotten Something

Star Trek III: Star Trek IIIer

All better titles.

Anyone wanna guess what the next movie is that he is about to mention at the end of this review?

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