Music To Write To

The only time I really listen to music is when I’m writing, and so my tastes are a bit weird, because I only listen to things that help me write. And that mostly means movie soundtracks and classical music.

So here are a few of the things that get played while I stare at the blinking cursor and swear at it.

Scherzo For Motorbike And Orchestra

All of John William’s Indiana Jones music is perfect to write to, but this one particularly so. It seems to drag you along and speed up your output, and make your fingers bounce across the keyboard.

Jagged Little Pill

I usually turn on Alanis Morrisette’s 90s classic first thing, and often times it’s pure energy, brutal honesty, and sheer anger gets me going. And if the writing doesn’t come, then the music just starts to reflect your mood.

Batman Returns

Tim Burton’s gothic soundtrack is evocative of much more than the 90s Dark Knight movies, and pushes you into a writing fugue state that is weird to shake free from.

Super 8

Micheal Giacchino’s homage to 80s movies is as good as the movie it scores. Somehow is sort of teases you back to childhood and your creative summers of fun. In fact, like most of John Williams, most of Giacchino’s soundtracks are brilliant to work to.

Pictures At An Exhibition

From the rousing anthem onwards, this one in a delight to fade away into your own mind to.

This is just a small selection of what I listen to as I (try to) write, and I’m always open to suggestions. What music do you write to?

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