Not Having Ideas

Sometimes, when you have to write a daily blog, you wake up with no ideas whatsoever. It’s the same with scripts, novels, articles, and even greetings cards (I imagine).

So what do you when the ideas just don’t come?

Going for a walk is good. Especially if you tell yourself that sometime between leaving and arriving back home, you’ll have an idea that will spark more ideas.

Another technique is you just write one sentence.

Just one.

Once it’s written, it will probably suggest the next one, which in turn will suggest the next, and before you know it, you have a whole paragraph, or even a whole scene.

Doing some housework is wise too, mostly because your toilet needs a good clean anyway. You never know, you might even have an idea as you vacuum. Especially if you plan on having one.

Richard Wiseman suggests playing with Lego for a bit too. Just turning off your brain and focusing on something with intensity frees up the subconscious mind to work on the problem, and halfway through building Hogwarts, you’ll probably have an idea too.

I had no ideas this morning. I started this blog with just one sentence, and now look at it.

Here’s our reward.

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