What Noise Do Guns Make?

I was watching Tim Burton’s Batman last night, and I was struck by the gun sound effects. They are really old fashioned …

Now, I can’t remember if that was the way guns sounded in movies as late as 1989, what with that high-pitched rise at the end – py-owwwww – or if Burton is referencing older movies, but either way, when did Hollywood move away from those older gun effects?

I mean, De Palma wasn’t using the ‘old-fashioned’ effects two years earlier in The Untouchables, when you could argue there was a case for their use.

Except, maybe he was.

There are still vague remnants of it in the excellent bar shootout in Desperado come 1995 …

But they’re gone by 2003’s Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Though weirdly, for the 2007 trailer of the stupidly fun and over the top Shoot ‘Em Up, they’re back again, at least for the New Line Cinema ident, if nothing else.

When did they change? And why?

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