Don’t Forget To Write

It’s been a while since we took a random dip into the always excellent Radio Times Guide To Television Comedy. Opening to a page without much forethought, we discover Don’t Drink The Water, an ITV sitcom that was the sequel to On The Buses. Mark Lewisohn has this to say about it:

Nothing more, or less, than one of the most excruciatingly poor ITV sitcoms of them all.


That’s Derek Griffiths. And did lifts really used to do that opening halfway between two floors thing?

Also on this page is Don’t Forget To Write!, created by Charles Wood for the BBC, starring George Cole, praised as “a beautifully written comedy series graced with good performances from a well-chosen cast.”

It’s about a writer who can’t write, and before I dwell on that too much, I should go and do some writing.

This appears to be taken from the original tapes, complete with countdown slate.

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