Christmas Radio Times 1977

I love the Christmas Radio Times. Its arrival marks the beginning of the festive period for me, and I still enjoy going through each page and marking what I want to watch. Because it’s the future now, I can even set my digibox to record everything I’ve marked, and never miss a thing. I’m pretty sure I still have Splash to watch from last Christmas.

So, what does the Radio Times say I could have watched for my first ever Yulemas in 1977? With some help from the BBC Genome Project, here’s what I would have circled in red ink on the 20th December 1977.

At 7.40pm, on BBC One, I would definitely have watched Porridge.

And that’s it.


I wonder what was on on Christmas Day that year. Check out the Christmas Pudding spinning globe.

Well, The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas may have been circled. That was on on BBC One at 11.15am.

The big afternoon movie was The Wizard Of Oz, followed by the Basil Brush special Basil Through The Looking Glass. Later on, Mark Yarwood’s special preceded The Morecambe And Wise Christmas Show, while on BBC Two, there was a premiere of the movie Storm Boy.

Here’s the actual Christmas Radio Times from 1977, page by glorious page:

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