What’s The Opposite Of Indiana Jones?

Well, this week on the blog appears to have turned into an Indiana Jones week, so let’s round it off with the latest episode of setisoppO, the podcast wherein we discuss the opposite of things that don’t have a natural opposite. My choice, unsurprisingly considering I’ve been focused on it, was Indiana Jones.


You’ll also learn about an amazing chemical called Chlorine Triflouride, which I have never managed to spell right the first time once.

Here are some rare clips in and around Indy. First up, Siskel and Ebert review The Last Crusade. For what it’s worth, I totally disagree with Gene Siskel.

And here’s Barry Norman talking to Harrison Ford for the May 21st edition of Film 85. It’s peppered with pretty inane questions, to be honest.

And here’s a behind the scenes featurette from the Mythbusters Indiana Jones Special.

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