Notes To Self

I’ve just found a scrap of paper with a scrawled note on it that reads:

Show chips are indestructible.

Although I spelt it indestructable … and I have no idea what it means. So I’ve gathered together all the scraps of paper, print outs, and index cards, and opened my note taking apps to see what other little nuggets escaped from my brain without leaving a trace of their existence.

First one is this:

? my problem
my wick, nerves, rack

Not a clue. Nor do I remember writing:

Drug addict discovers the secret of immortality.

And what was I trying to keep in mind when I wrote this?

Stuck outside important venue … tea shop.

Then there’s:

Gobbled off in the Oval Office.

Though I know what that one’s about. But I don’t know what this is about:

Dad is spiteful about him being a conifer.

That’s probably just my bad handwriting to be honest. I can’t use that excuse on the note in Google Keep that reads:

Chip says it belongs to Norman.

I seem a little obsessed with chips. Anyone know what this means?

Only haircuts run for President.

But to be fair, I found one short note that has reminded me of something that will make several scenes a lot better now. So it was worth the journey.

What weird little notes have you got written down around you?

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