What Was On Telly The Day I Was Born?

I was a bit distracted on the day of my birth, so I don’t know what I missed on telly that day. Thanks to the BBC’s Genome Project though, I can have a look and see what was on.

BBC One showed an episode of the Mister Men featuring Mr Mean and Mr Tickle. I can’t remember much about Mr Mean, but I was always rather partial to Mr Noisy’s shoes. And apparently, Mr Noisy lives right next door to Mr Quiet. Sounds like a sitcom premise to me. Anyway, it was a more innocent time …

Because it was a Sunday, there was a lot of religious programming on, before an episode of Parents And Children looked at decoding kid’s drawings. Then after the Farming programme (why are these always on a Sunday too?), this very episode of Erica On Embroidery was on:

Then came the adult literacy show On The Move, featuring none other than Bob Hoskins. I’ve no idea if it was this episode, but this one is about coffee.

Music Man, The High Chaparral, and a documentary about Joe Davis the snooker player followed. Then there was a Blue Peter Special Assignment about the twin towns of Cambridge and Heidelberg, before more religious stuff, and the second episode of series five of The Onedin Line.

The Sunday Film was Triple Cross with Yul Brynner and Christopher Plummer.

After the News, Everyman examined The Salvation Army, before The Editors looked at who controls the news. A quick look at the Weather, and BBC One would have shut down something like this:

There was bugger all on BBC Two.


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