What Was On Telly Thirty Years Ago Today?

Ever wondered what was on telly exactly thirty years ago? Well, thanks to the BBC’s Genome project, we can have a look at old copies of the Radio Times, and see what was (scheduled, at least) to be broadcast.

A quick scan of the BBC One listings, and we see that this was a time when the BBC still showed live Cricket throughout the day, and that Frank Bough was still presenting Breakfast Time between visits to nefarious houses of iniquity. Tony Hart did some drawing between episodes of Rocky & Bullwinkle, while Kate Copstick popped up on Playschool.

Later on, the kids got a bit of Heidi to watch, before Bruno Brookes took us through the Top Of The Pops. Then one of The Goodies talked to us about Bodymatters (guess which one).

Much later, and just before close down, I was surprised to see there was an episode of Rhoda on. This was a spin-off of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Auntie decided to show us an episode from season two that was first broadcast 11 years before.

Then after the Weather, BBC One went to bed.

Meanwhile, over on BBC Two, there was seven hours of this:

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