5 Things I’ve Seen On My Recent Walks

Ambling around, wandering by, strolling along, and generally waddling towards an unarticulated destination, I’ve been walking a few times this week. And here are five things I’ve witnessed on my travels.

The Underside Of The Second Severn Crossing

When I was younger, we used to sail under the original Severn Bridge rather often, but I haven’t been on a boat on the river since they erected that second crossing a few miles down tide. What struck me as I walked underneath the new one was just how rusty all the support beams were.

An Old Man Rolling Tobacco

He was sat on a wall, outside his (or maybe someone else’s) house, with a pouch of Old Virginia, making a cigarette with a pensive look on his face. He was also wearing crocs.

A Lazy Pokemon Hunter

As I sat resting my weary feet, a shiny black Ford Fiesta rolled on by, doing no more than four miles an hour, straddling both lanes of the road, being driven no-handed by a man holding his phone up to his face and firing of Pokeballs.

A Discarded Baby Booster Seat And An Oasis CD

Ditched on the side of the road, by a farm gate, rotting and damp, a great big beige baby seat just sat there next to an equally unloved copy of Oasis’ Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants CD case. I didn’t check if the disc was still inside. I also wondered if the same person had decided to eject these things from his life or if two people just happened to throw these things away in the same place.


I found him. Just sitting in a field. Farting.

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