7 Amazing Life Hacks

We could all do with making our lives that little bit better. So with that in mind, here are seven life hacks that will quickly, and irrevocably change the way you live forever.

Halve Your Laundry Duties In One Go

We all hate doing the laundry. But there’s a simple way to reduce just how much of it you have to do. Instead of taking your laundry basket to the washer once it’s full, use your dirty clothes as dish towels and dusters. That way you you never have to buy dish towels and dusters again, let alone have to wash them as well. And because your clothes will persist in being vaguely greasy with a faint whiff of sausage fat, you won’t have to spend as much time with your friends. Double bubble.

Make Your Morning More Relaxed And Enjoyable

There’s nothing worse than having to get up early. So don’t. Stay in bed, skip work, and go back to sleep.

Reduce Your Commute Time

Stay in bed, like before.

Make More Time For Yourself

Harder than you might think at the best of times, what with the demands of work, family, friends, and the cats. But there’s a simple way to reduce all of those demands, and have plenty of time for yourself. Ignore them.


An Easier Way To Mash Potatoes

Get someone else to do it.

Eliminate The Need To Dust

With the simple use of a cat and some catnip powder, you’ll never need to dust again. Simply coat the whole house with catnip and release your cat. He’ll be happy as Larry, and you can get on with some important sleeping.

Be One Step Ahead At Meal Times

Before you go to bed, prepare your breakfast for the morning, or afternoon, depending on when you eventually get out of bed. The simple addition of milk to cornflakes before sleep will save you valuable time later. And with the time you save at breakfast, you can make your lunch, saving you time at lunch to make dinner, and time at dinner to make supper. And with the time you save not having to make your supper, you can make an extra breakfast, and have two mornings of cornflakes prepared. But it gets better. Do it all again, and you’ll having time to make a third breakfast, and so and so forth ad infinitum. You may never need to make breakfast ever again.

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