Twiglets Used to Be Really Long

Funny what you forget. I was watching an episode of The Comic Strip a few months ago (I don’t remember which one, sorry), and I saw a box of something on a caravan shelf. It reminded me of Matchmakers, the chocolate tube thing, but these were Twiglets.

Twiglets used to be long?

I vaguely remember that being true.

It was certainly true when they were first made by the Peak Frean company, which you can sort of see in this early advert.

But can clearly see in this one.


Were they really still long in the early to mid 1980s though? This packaging looks like it’s from the mid-1970s to me, though it does suggest the Twiglets within are of the tumescent variety.


So, are you old enough to remember pushing the longer, more knobbly lengths into your mouth? Or are you of the generation that got lumbered solely with the stubbier, less gob-filling kind?

Let me know.


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