7 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life

In the vague hope that these will all be turned into kitten based memes, here are the seven quotes that I life my life by. I share them with you in the hope that they’ll make you a better person.

“Life is a giant bag of piss and you can never be sure if it’s going burst. But when it does, it will either be warm and comforting, or cold and miserable. Either way, it will always stink.”

“What would William Shatner do?”

“Never apologise. Never explain. Because it’s just better for you, sorry.”

“What IS paper?”

“It is what it is, until it’s not what it was, then it well never be the same again. Just look at Paul McCartney.”

“Never look at Paul McCartney.”

“Have a Tunnock’s Tea Cake.”

But as always, Rocky Balboa says it best …

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