The Even More Terrifying Super Secret Of Brian Cox

I stepped into the rabbit hole yesterday. My tongue in cheek suggestion that Brian Cox was responsible for ALL THE ASSASSINS seems to have spiralled out of control. A few people got in touch to point out more evidence of this.

Jamie pointed out that he also played a Soviet Agent in RED, and was probably an assassin, or even a trainer of assassins in that. What’s more, Jamie continued, he played William Wallace’s uncle in Braveheart, and took him to Europe, training him in the skills of … KILLAGE.

If that wasn’t enough, Jamie expounds, Cox played Agamemnon in Troy, “so he even went back in time to be a King that was responsible for a horse full of assassins.” This reminded me that Cox is in Zodiac, a movie about a serial killer, and his character Melvin Belli essentially ‘handles’ the murderer throughout.

That’s when Matt stepped in to remind us that Cox played Hannibal Lektor (sic) in Manhunter, who we all know is a liver eating, Chianti quaffing, perfume sniffing muuuuuurderer. At first, this doesn’t tie in to our shared universe all the assassins theory at all, until I remembered this.

Silence Of The Lambs is secretly about mind control.

The theory goes like this:

Lecter and the FBI were actually working together, using cruel and clever deception to make Starling’s mind more suggestible—with the ultimate goal of turning her into a deadly government assassin.

What do you think? Can you remember any other instances where Brian Cox is inextricably linked to assassins and murderers?

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