Second Chance Got A Second Chance

In a rushed post yesterday, I put up a link to a video of all the new shows in the autumn of 1987. In amongst the list was a show called Second Chance, which starred a young Matthew Perry, and aired on Fox. It was created by David W. Duclon and Gary Menteer, and produced by Lightkeeper Productions.

It was one of those rare things; a supernatural sitcom. Basically, a guy dies, and is given a second chance to live his live all over again. The show has recently become a bit notorious, because it seems (it doesn’t) to predict a famous death (it doesn’t) within three months of it actually happening (it didn’t). See for yourself in this, the opening scene of the first episode.

The show performed poorly on the fledgling network, and it was pulled from the air in November.

But, unlike a lot of yanked shows, this one … well, it got a second chance.

They retooled it, removing the whole supernatural element entirely, and was re-titled Boys Will Be Boys.

The show should also not be confused with the new Fox show, Second Chance, which premiered this year.

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