Simon Dunn Naked

I’ve been getting a constant stream of visitors to this site, all bought here by the search term ‘simon dunn naked’. Now, I know I’m like a sex lollipop that you just want to unwrap and lick all over, but it’s weird to be objectified in such a blatant manner.

To be honest, I know people aren’t landing on this site after doing that search hoping to find some stupid blog posts about long forgotten sitcoms and bizarre advertising campaigns from the 1980s. Nor are they hoping to find the chocolatier Simon Dunn, all covered in his product, massaging it into all sorts of unholy crevices.

No, they’re after photos of that bobsledder (or is it bobsleigher? (or is it bob slayer?)), you know, the one with pec muscles the size of melons, and arms as thick as a powerlifter’s neck.

But hey, you guys don’t know what you’re missing out on. So here, for all the people who have splattered down on this site hoping to see a naked Simon Dunn, this is just for you. And anyone who knows me in real life, look away now.

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