It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day

Everyone with a blog* does it. They sit down one day and declare, quietly and to themselves so that no-one else can hear, that today is the first day of a new regime. A blog* a day. Dammit, I can do that. One short blog* every day.

(*Do people still use the word ‘blog’? It’s been so long since I’ve written one, they might have re-named the internet for all I know. I hope it’s called Kevin.)

Well, here I am, stating it loud and proud, for everyone to hear – I will write something every day, for at least a day, regular as cockwlork, typos and all.

So how to begin? With the declaration? Or with a simple trickle of new posts that build slowly until it becomes so natural to write something that no one even notices? Or with the dawning realisation that whatever one types is like shouting into a hurricane, only to be subsumed by the plethora of bilge that is clogging up the Internet’s pipes, as if just stating a thought is somehow valid so long as it has an emoji attached to it, and the ability to jam a thumb up underneath it?

Maybe I should just shut up.

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