Thought Vomit #179: ft. A Better Bacon Sandwich

Be honest, it’s something you’ve known for a long time now, deep down, but you don’t want to admit it to yourself.

Bacon sandwiches just aren’t as nice as they used to be.

And each time you bite into another disappointing one, you wonder why they just don’t taste as good as they used to; and in an effort to recapture that lost moment of a perfect bacon butty, you’ve been striving to make it better – artisan bread, more expensive, cured, free-range, hand-massaged bacon that’s been rubbed on a Nun’s buttock. And nothing you do, no mater how hard you try, nothing brings back that old taste you crave every time you bite into the latest disappointment.

Fear not; for the answer to your trouble is here; it’s always been here.

Yes, you can recapture that wonderful moment when you chomp down and moan in pleasure as you realise, that this, this one, this bacon sandwich, is the thing you’ve been missing all these years.

And the whole thing is counter-intuitive.

Don’t go for better ingredients.

Go for worse.

Streaky bacon, fried (not grilled), until the rind is crisp. Soft, cheap bread, and lashings of butter.

You’ll never go back*.

(*not a bacon pun)

The Pig Ferret
The Pig Ferret
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