e.phemera: Johnny Carson – Student Of Comedy

This is a lovely little gem. A short documentary about Johnny Carson, with contributions from many faces from Late Night. The makers describe it like this:

The film traces the rise of Johnny Carson from a young man in Norfolk, Neb. and a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to one of the great entertainment icons of all time. The four students received assistance from Jeff Sotzing and Carson Entertainment Group to provide rare footage and timely interviews with those who knew or were influenced by Johnny Carson, including Conan O’Brien, Dick Cavett, Jay Leno and David Letterman. The film was originally shown at the Dedication of the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film in 2007.

It mentions Johnny’s thesis on comedy, and because we live in a world where this is possible, you can listen to Johnny present that thesis himself right here.


Johnny Carson - Student Of Comedy
Johnny Carson – Student Of Comedy
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