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Here’s the opening of my new novel In The Can, coming soon to a book or book reading device near you.

Helms opened his eyes.

It was dark.

So he sat up.

The loud metallic thud and crunching pain in his forehead provided a timely reminder as to his whereabouts.

He was in the boot of a car. Helms supposed that this being Los Angeles, it should be the trunk of an automobile. But he was determined to cling on to his Britishness, even in the midst of a kidnapping.

The pain in the front of his head gave way to the more persistent pain in the back of it. There was a blurred memory of being koshed, then stuffed in here like a child’s resented violin.

Helms could smell his knees.

One arm was pinned down by his whole body, and his legs were bent double into his chest. A slight ethereal scarlet glow was leaking in from the taillights, and the dull monotonous rumble of tires on tarmac provided a white noise that fought hard to silence his mind.

Helms blinked.

His free hand snapped to the left side of his face so hard it hurt.

His eye was missing.

Coming Spring 2013
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