Sitcom Advent Calendar Day Twenty Three

Talking about theme tunes that stick with you, Dear John’s was written as always by the series creator John Sullivan, and arranged by the brilliant Ronnie Hazlehurst.

What can I say? I remember this as being absolutely fantastic, and it’s no wonder it got an American re-make with Judd HIrsch which ran for 90 episodes over four seasons.

I’m a little bit scared to re-watch it, worried that it might not live up to my memories, though it’s all available on [amazon asin=B003O7MJ78&text=DVD]. But The British Sitcom Guide concurs:

We absolutely loveĀ Dear John….: in our opinion, it’s a real underappreciated, lost gem of British sitcom. There are moments of genuine pathos, plenty of wit, a great cast and some wonderfully funny scenarios.

John Sullivan’s gift for writing memorable characters and switching between emotional extremes really shines in the series. It’s one not to be missed.

So, here’s some to sample, and as always, if you like what you see, do thank the writers, producers and actors by buying their work.

Dear John
Day Twenty Three
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