Sitcom Advent Calendar Day Eight

In my mind, what’s behind door eight could have been one of two sitcoms that have merged together in my memory. Today it’s So Haunt Me, and tomorrow you’ll find out the other one.

So Haunt me was created by Paul Mendelson, and ran for three series. The British Comedy Guide says:

Regularly achieving 14 million viewers at its peak, it’s somewhat surprising that So Haunt Me is now so forgotten. It’s certainly true that the series has many of-its-time hallmarks, and not everything translates quite as well in the 21st Century as it did at the time of broadcast, but there’s no reason why a clever, funny family sitcom such as this – particularly one with a quirky selling point – shouldn’t be enjoyed for many decades to come.

It seems I’m not the only one to confuse this show with another, because when you search for So Haunt Me on Amazon, you get … now that would be telling.

So Haunt Me
Day Eight
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