Thought Vomit #168: ft. Another Scene From A Pilot

Here’s another clip from the Hodgson pilot we wrote. This one happens nearer the end, just after Wil exits a pub because a huge fight is breaking out.


Wil darts into the street. He walks straight into an old fashioned COPPER, complete with the helmet.


Where are you off to? I hope you’re not off to Townies. It’s Riot Night, dontchya know?


There’s gonna be a terrible fight in there.


If I arrested everyone who committed a violent assault on a Saturday night, we’d never get anything done, now would we?


I think it’s gonna get nasty in there.


Now you calm yourself down young Wil.


How do you know my name?


(taps nose)

Good old fashioned coppering.

We hear smashing and fighting emerging from the pub.


Aren’t you gonna radio for back up?


No need for any of that new fangled radio lark. I’ll handle this with some good old fashioned coppering.

With that, he turns on his heels and ambles into the pub, hands behind his back, whistling a jaunty tune. We hear the two factions roar with menace as he enters.


(from inside)

Now, now, no need for any of this. Turn it in, there’s good la...

He is drowned out by the charging roar of what sounds like a whole army now.

Cut to Wil, legging it away.



So, with every civilised drinking option thwarted, all that was left was to fill my face with lard, sugar and donner meat.

The Copper’s helmet lands in front of Wil, smoking.

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