Thought Vomit #88: ft. Tweets From A Tiresome Twat

Twitter is useless. Totally useless. But I love it. And it’s an excellent playground for the insomniac. What with being addicted to that for the last day or two, I’ve been neglecting to vomit forth, so here’s a few stupid tweets I’ve chundered up (hashtags are a topic, it makes sense really):

#sexyshakespeare Romeo Does Juliet
#sexyshakespeare Two Gentlemen IN Veronica

#LifesLittleMoments The need to scratch your anus whilst looking at bacon in a supermarket.

My local is sweet and very quiet. It’s a Wispa Bar.

The police left me beneath some snooker equipment. I was under a rest.
Wanking into a condom at the Crucible. A good safety shot.

#sexycomputergames Grand Theft Auto Erotica.
#sexycomputergames Tony Hawk’s Reacharound

Sesame Street has been accused of using slave labour. Police raided the children’s television workshop.

@sighdone if you are interested.

In September, the plan is to overhaul my website and use it to host these Thought Vomits (though they’ll still end up here). First I need to research how easy it is to migrate from Fasthosts to Heart Internet, and then I need to decide if I want to use WordPress or Joomla, so any thoughts on that would be much appreciated.

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